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Oasis – Be Here Now CD Art – 12″ LP Vinyl Record Wall Clock. £ Adding to cart The Stone Roses Collection – 12″ Vinyl Record Wall Clocks. £

But what's worth picking up from the sale? The Summer Sale is one of Steam's biggest storewide sales and arguably has some of the best discounts available all year long, so it's an event you don't want to pass up if you're even remotely interested in PC games. But that's really just the beginning of what's available. As is often the case with Steam's big sales, the sheer scale of it can make it difficult to figure out what to buy.

With so many choices, it's easy to be overwhelmed with the task of figuring out which games are worth your time and money, especially when you get into the indie space.

The 5 best PC gaming deals for Independence Day 12222

Luckily, we're here to help you get the most out of this year's Steam Summer Sale and hopefully find new games that'll entertain you for hours. To help you out, we've assembled a list of what we think are the best game deals in Steam Summer Sale You'll find more than two dozen picks below--be sure to let us know what you recommend in the comments below. This year's Steam Summer Sale also introduced a new Grand Prix mini-game in which you choose among five different teams and compete to go the furthest, earning points by completing various Grand Prix Quests that will, in turn, boost your team's speed and help it move up in the race.

You can win various freebies at the Pit Stop, such as chat emoticons and profile backgrounds, but the real goal is to be on a team that finishes in the top three every day, as random members of those teams will win the top game on their Steam wish list for free. So if you plan to participate, get your wish list up to date beforehand. We also have some tips on how to save even more money in the Steam sale. The game initially released to a middling reception in , but Paradox has committed to continually updating the game with new content and complete overhauls for several of its core systems, so the game we have today is hardly recognizable.

If you want to simulate the civilizational space opera of shows like Babylon 5 or Deep Space replete with factional politics, interspecies warfare, and ancient mysteries--Stellaris is the best option on the market. See it at Steam. Darkwood is a brilliant, top-down, survival-horror game that you owe it to yourself to check out. You play as an unnamed protagonist struggling to escape a dark, oppressive forest where an otherworldly phenomenon occurs.

All the while, the world itself is bleak; a mysterious plague has wiped out most of humanity, and those left in its wake are slowly going mad. You'll spend most of your time scavenging for resources and exploring devastated, overgrown landscapes. The sound design is engrossing, sending unwelcome tingly sensations down every vertebra extending from your skull to your pelvis. But there are no jump scares here--just howling winds, creaky floorboards, snapping branches, and the worst of your imagination paralyzing you.

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Of course, there are also plenty of dangers you'll have to fight off physically, but I'll spare you the terrifying details of how you encounter and defend yourself against them. Just know that once it gets dark, you better make sure you're inside your safehouse and that you've got enough gasoline in your generator. Oh, and it doesn't hurt to have a few bear traps set by your windows. Before writing this, I couldn't decide which Legacy of Kain game to recommend here.

I spent a half-hour trying to choose one, but then I noticed that every game in this cult-favorite series by developer Crystal Dynamics is on sale on Steam for almost nothing. So here's what I'm going to say: Buy them all.

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The meat of LOK is its captivating storyline, which is rather complex, but I'll give you the long and short of it. Set in the gothic fantasy world of Nosgoth, you play as Kain, a nobleman-turned-vampire who gets caught up in a blood-soaked saga of vengeance. While he's seemingly forced to follow a road that ends in his ruin, Kain sets out on a quest to defy the dark powers that be to liberate himself of their hold. Oh, and in other games, you play as Raziel, a soul-sucking wraith who is on a quest to kill Kain, but then starts to see past his vendetta and realize that an even larger conspiracy is at play.

It's all intriguing stuff albeit a tad convoluted at times, but bear with it, and you'll experience one of the most satisfying stories in games.

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To fulfill the destinies of Kain and Raziel, you'll explore mysterious lands, uncover hidden secrets, and fight both vampiric and supernatural creatures. Aside from vampiric superpowers, the series also dabbles with some pretty interesting mechanics, such as the ability to shift between the material and spectral realm. Few games have hooked me as immediately and thoroughly in recent years as Slay the Spire. This gives you all of the personal sense of accomplishment from building your own deck, as in conventional deck-builders like Magic or Hearthstone, but rolls that process into the game itself, greatly enhancing its strategic complexity.

The art and sound design are charming, and after an extensive early access period, the game is extremely polished. There aren't many games out there that combine anime-style visuals, military-themed tactics, and the power of friendship--but Valkyria Chronicles is just that. The first thing that'll probably jump out to you is the game's unique blend of anime and pencil-drawn artwork in motion. As for gameplay, the series marries turn-based strategy and active, real-time controls by giving you command of a squad in each mission, individually controlling units to take down the opposing army.

Think of it as X-COM with the freedom of movement of a third-person shooter. It's a clever, sometimes difficult, mix of two genres that comes together wonderfully. If you've finished Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix, and you're looking for more stories like it, then you might want to check out Forgotton Anne--an adventure platformer with a gripping narrative driven by player choice. Forgotton Anne is one of my favorite games to look at and listen to, as it's animated in the same hand-drawn style of '90s anime and the orchestral soundtrack is reminiscent of that era.

The story follows a teenage girl named Anne who's forced into the role of Enforcer in the Forgotton Lands, a parallel universe where all lost objects--from missing socks to discarded scarves--are transported to. Here, lost objects gain sentience, and it's Anne's job to police them even taking their lives if necessary while her master, Bonku, tries to build a way for everyone to get home to their human owners.

When Bonku's efforts are met with violent resistance, Anne is tasked with stopping the rebels. What begins as a simple investigation quickly spirals into a tale of betrayal, one which also captures the emotional and mental turmoil of those who struggle with self-worth. Battle Chef Brigade is the charming tale of Mina's quest to join the titular group, an organization of knights who hunt down the kingdom's monsters and cook them into delicious dishes for the populace to eat.

This indie gem is a mish-mash of genres, playing out like a visual novel between missions before transitioning into a tile-matching puzzle game slash side-scrolling brawler in the cooking portion. It's fairly simple to grasp Battle Chef Brigade's basics, but it's in the nuances of each cook-off--such as time limit, requested ingredients, and number of dishes to complete--where the game becomes a satisfying challenge to conquer.

The Deluxe version of the game takes this winning formula and adds a bunch of fan-requested content. My favorite addition is local multiplayer, which allows you to challenge your friends to cooking competitions. The other pieces of post-release content, like Survival Mode and Daily Cook-Off, add some fun online alternatives as well, so you can keep coming back to the kitchen long after you've beaten the well-written single-player campaign. Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania with death mechanics and world-building seemingly inspired by Dark Souls. Like Metroid or Castlevania, Hollow Knight takes place in a vast, interconnected world that slowly opens up as you defeat powerful bosses, discover secrets, and unlock new abilities.

The game's narrative is told similarly to Dark Souls, with the overall story delivered in tiny chunks through NPC interactions and hidden items, many of which are difficult to find. And much like From Software's Souls series, your character loses currency upon death and must track it down before dying a second time in order to recover it. These mechanics and features alone make for one of the most challenging, yet satisfying to overcome indie games out there. But Hollow Knight seals the deal with its hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, each piece of music reflecting your continued journey through a diverse, but dying kingdom.

With its sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong, currently scheduled to release in , now is the best time to catch up and play one of the most beloved indie games out there. And it's true, a huge part of Full Metal Furies is played as a four-player co-op brawler. But beneath that, there's a good five to seven hours of complex, multilayered riddles to find and solve that tie into a fascinating meta-narrative interwoven within the campaign's story. There's never a dull moment in Full Metal Furies, thanks in large part to the personable protagonists.

There's Triss, the leader who is always sassily drinking tea and doing spit-takes; Meg, the near-sighted sniper with a poor sense of direction; Erin, the brainy engineer who's desperate to prove to Meg that she's cool; and Alex, the airhead with a penchant for violence.

On their quest to destroy the god-like Titans responsible for their world's ruin, these four meet a wide variety of humorous characters and enemies who are just as goofy as they are. And for the most part, the jokes land. When Full Metal Furies isn't trying to make you laugh, it's attempting to stump you with its puzzles, some of which even require you look to sources outside of the game to solve.

The game is an absolute blast to tackle with friends, as a group makes combat more enjoyable and riddle-solving a tad easier. Iconoclasts is the metroidvania-inspired breakout hit by Joakim Sandberg, who developed the game completely on his own.

The game puts you in the shoes of Robin, a woman who works as a mechanic without a license, dooming herself and those she knows to be labeled as sinners and killed. Robin manages to survive the attempt, however, and vows to put an end to the totalitarian government that rules the planet. The story that follows is intricately layered, with themes of faith, human kindness, overconsumption of natural resources, good vs.

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There is no traditional conclusion to Iconoclasts, as the narrative is left open to personal interpretation. Even if you don't understand what the ending is trying to say, the journey is a fascinating one, with hours of world-building to dissect and theorize about. Gameplay-wise, Iconoclasts wears its Metroid influences on its sleeve, featuring challenging bosses, platforming puzzles, and environmental hazards that can only be overcome by unlocking certain abilities.

If you like playing action platformers or unraveling symbolic stories, then you'll probably love Iconoclasts.

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Celeste is as much a story about overcoming the hurdles of depression, self-doubt, and low self-esteem as it is a narrative about climbing a mountain. The game manages to get to the core of the frustrating helplessness of failure and liberating relief of success associated with both experiences by crafting them into a very challenging platformer. Celeste is a hard game to beat, but the reward for doing so is well-worth the trial.

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