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Several people in the lineup are by now looking at me as if I'm gilligan from a desert island or something. So now desperate and willing to agree to almost anything just to get out of there I have to fill out a membership form to buy 3 items..

I do so as quickly as possible at which point I am informed to get back to the end of the line. Normally I'd be boiling over by now but I really needed these waterproofing products. I finally get through the checkout 1 hour after entering the store I was in a hurry can you tell? The cashier of course neglected to say theres an actual membership FEE. So 40bucks for 3 products that seem overpriced.

Plus 2. Just to find somebody writing me a parking ticket because my one hour parking time elapsed by 5 minutes.. Possibly the single most frustrating experience I've had anywhere shopping. By the time we made it out of town we couldn't get a camping site where we wanted anyhow.. Thanks MEC! Be back in another life.. I agree it is a very yuppie place, but if you catch a sale it is possible to pick up the odd item reasonable. I love that store I find great unique products that I can't find somewhere else. It's clean, it's in a great location, and the staff actually have knowledge on the products they sell.

Sounds like you should have been better informed on what Mountain Equipment Coop stands for before you bothered to go down there. There's only one location in Edmonton. That is the location Replacement went to. Must be too late in the evening for me, my mistake, from Millwoods, not in Millwoods:- I guess for somebody living in Millwoods, anywhere where there is no free parking and in an inaccessible area i. The good news for Replacement is the next trip might be easier in 10 years or so. I would like to see another location in the city though Perhaps one in SEC?

Or the West end. Apparently I should look it up in the dictionary or online before heading out. I've gone to grocery "co-ops" many times in many places and never required membership or ID or anything like that.

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Only if I wanted to charge it on a card. Its in a good location if you live nearby. For anybody else its gridlock getting there. Theres virtually nothing I saw reasonably priced in that store. I expect that anybody outfitting a backcountry hiking trip from MEC would drop two grand on something that was meant to be cheap entertainment.

There goes the student loan, lol.. This is the price of camping supplies if they were obtained from Holt Renfrew. Actually they'd even throw in some promotional stuff.. I buy clothing there a few times a year, and I wouldn't say the majority is unreasonably priced If you are planning to climb the Himalayas or similar, all the space age light weight water proof technology probably makes sense. And if you are wealthy enough to climb the Himalayas, you probably care about image to. They know their market, the same market that buys thousand dollar mountain bikes for river valley trails.

Who wants quality in the backwoods hiking through actual brush, boulders, scrambling? Yuppie stuff gets ripped up like any other and not really sensible to have the most expensive clothing if you're really roughing it. Like in the adds in their catalogs.. I want waterproof, some breathability, warmth, and much of which I can obtain at any Winners or surplus store that is usually liquidating stock that stores like this don't manage to sell.. You must be reading me a lot.

I'd worry quite a lot leaving 2k of supplies with designer Holt Renfrew labels around a backcountry camp site as I traverse different day hikes in the region.

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I'm sure if you really were stuck in a storm on K2, the last thing you would worry about would be BPA One more epic scourge of mankind struck down. We should all be grateful. To someone who's never shopped there before you'd think they would be more accomodating to gain the membership of a shopper, not try to exclude them from some exclusive club.

I mean, it's not like they need business or anything. Maybe the cashier could've been friendlier, but I don't think they should have to bend their rules just because you don't agree with them MEC has always been overpriced crap. They have some stuff every now and then that's decent but you can get the same quality elsewhere for much cheaper. They only live on their reputation because their staff are snotty and rude and have the customer service skills of monkeys. I tried to buy a hackey sack there once and they wouldn't sell it to me so I got the person behind me to buy it on their membership.

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Will never go into that place again. Honest to freakin' gawd. What's with the 'poor me' attitude? MEC rocks. Some of the rants on this board are getting really frivilous and stupid. Maybe the cashier could've been friendlier, but I don't think they should have to bend their rules just because you don't agree with them The cashier could have been courteous and friendly without bending any rules. Unless of course the rules state she must be an a-hole. I laugh at any business that snubs an honest customer like Replacement, who patiently waited and filled out the required membership to make a purchase, saying they don't need more customers.

Good thing they have extreme markup to rely on, for they surely won't be earning volume business anytime soon. Mec rocks. Except Replacement didn't want to fill out the form or get a membership at first Yes the cashier shouldn't have been such a stuck up cow, yes I'm sure the staff could at times be friendlier, but thousands upon thousands and not just "yuppies" of people shop there on a regular basis What a load of BS.

I already stated the store was very busy that day. I could not see "the rules" posted anywhere near the cashiers. The Cashier line ups blocked any easy view of that part of the store and I already described where the actual Nikwax products were located.

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Furthermore I guess I'm somewhat familiar with the "free world" and going into a store and actually being able to purchase things. The only other retailer I am aware of that requires membership is Costco but who make the requirement very visible and check membership actually at the door EVERYDAY so as not to waste anybodies time.. They don't presume everybody would have a knowledge of "the rules".

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They don't charge for parking, They also don't surreptitiously charge a hidden membership fee that the customer is not notified about. They notify the customer properly.

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  • You lost me at 45 minute drive and pay parking. How dare they locate centrally! The nerve! I have never had a problem with MEC. I buy bags and things there because they are pretty much indestructible and very resonably priced. My small one has lasted almost 10 years and if the zipper could be replaced it would probably last another I have always found the staff helpful, although it is true they are often tied up with a single customer for long periods, when was the last time you go that kind of service from a noncomission salesperson.

    And aren't people usually bitching about sales staff that DON'T know anything? I don't know why they were rude to some of you, but I have never ecountered it, maybe they were giving what they got? Yes, alot of yuppies shop there for the label, but alot of us normal hell, my bf complains because I am cheap shop there to. Yeah I don't buy the top quality expensive stuff, but the rest of it is good quality and a good price. You are right about the parking though.

    Never thought of asking another customer. I thought they might call MEC "security" if I tried to do that..

    In anycase my take from the cashier is that she probably deals with this membership type of thing regularly and which means that MEC is not properly notifying the public of membership requirements. That discussion should not be taking place at the till. Customers should be informed at the door. They don't call themselves a business and somehow don't pay any taxes because they are a community minded "non profit" that reportedly don't engage in any mark up of prices.. But somehow the prices are ridiculously high. I'd expect this kind of store in Moscow.. Yes, I understand you're frustrated and ticked off, but c'mon now.

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    So the store was busy, good Like I said, the cashier screwed up and should have taken the time to explain things to you properly, but she didn't. Get over it. Like you said, you won't be shopping there again. And that's fine.