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Sick of ads? If you already have Spotify and are planning on hoofing it around the mall for Black Friday, the company also has a pretty funny Black Friday playlist. The picturesque resort has a charming, skating rink, great ski mountains nearby, and nightly campfires. Valid for stays through April 30th.

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You probably only think of Groupon as that site you went to for spa deals five years ago. But yes, they're still around, and one of the more interesting things they offer are classes. Like, for example, the Live Online Digital Photography Certification Course , where you can learn how to take awesome pictures, with a live teacher yes, really. If you don't have a smart TV yet MVMT Watches is a crowdfunding success story.

The Different Deals and Ads of Black Friday Week

Started by two college students, Jake Kassan and Kramer LaPlante, it was created to fill a gap in the market - fashionable watches at affordable prices. From they're initial crowdfunding round, they've continued to grow as a bootstrapped company into the fashion behemoth they are today. Their growth has been fueled by smart social media and email marketing.

Last year, to stand out from all the promotions, they ran a sale on the weekend prior to Black Friday. This additional exclusivity helped increase sales. Then, during Cyber Monday, they did another promotion, sending out an email with a countdown timer to add urgency. Not bad for a company that started just a couple of years ago. Right from the start, Allbirds zigged when others zagged. They've taken a firm stand towards sustainability and protecting the environment. Instead of the traditional way of creating shoes with harmful synthetics, Allbirds makes theirs from natural materials - wool, tree-fiber, and sugarcane.

So it should come as no surprise that their Black Friday promotions are different. In fact, they don't do discounts. That doesn't mean they don't participate in the Black Friday and holiday shopping season. When everyone is trying to buy something, it makes no sense to abstain. So, instead, they release a set of rare Allbirds, aka Rarebirds. These limited edition shoes only last a few days before they're sold out. By selling only a small batch, they increase the perceived value of the shoes but also add urgency.

TheBlackFriday.Deals - Compare, Shop and Save on BLACK FRIDAY 12222

Discount or no discount, people are going to want them. To further promote sustainability, they also run arts and craft events during the holidays where customers decorate their shoe boxes with reusable materials.

It's just one of many ways they involve their customers in their initiatives and build loyalty that transcends discounts. On the other end of the shoe spectrum is Greats. Their hand-made, Italian leather sneakers instantly come to mind when you think of style.

In addition, they dropped a special version of their most popular product, the Royale, on Black Friday. And if that wasn't enough, they also have additional discounts for purchasing multiple products. The combination of discount and scarcity ensures that they sell out every time. To drive the point home, they send out product status cards to their customers, to let them know which ones have sold out and which are still available.

You know a company takes their Black Friday campaigns seriously when they start preparing for it in July. It's still summer but Blenders Eyewear doesn't slack off at the beach. They're gearing up to make November their biggest month ever. Watching how they roll out their promotions is a masterclass in launches. A week before Black Friday, they start with a contest to prime their audience and collect emails.

Walmart Black Friday 12222: Here Are The First Deals

The emails are backed up by smart retargeting and Messenger promotions using Shopmessage. The dirt-cheap prices is what does it for them.

Free shipping for holidays 2018

They make a big splash with strong promotions, undercutting competitors and resulting in a 10X increase over their sales from the previous year! The popular cosmetics brand created by Kylie Jenner needs no introduction. They've amassed a massive following and beauty magazines are already covering them for this year's Black Friday.

Kyle Cosmetics merely needs to mention they have a sale and they'll get sold out. They build up anticipation so that customers are ready when the sale goes live. While their sales aren't innovative or different, it's still a lesson in the power of urgency and scarcity. Unlike other retailers, Kyle Cosmetics limits their sales to just Friday. All sales end at midnight. The combined effect of deep discounts with hard time limits is so powerful that it even converted people who had decided not to spend any money at all into customers.

Chubbies sells the raddest shorts in the planet. Launched in by four Stanford graduates, they've quickly grown into a popular destination for casual menswear, with new products like t-shirts and hoodies. Like their shorts, Chubbies' marketing is pretty radical too. Take their Thighber Monday promotion, for example. On Cyber Monday last year, they decided to give away a free gift with every purchase. The promotion lasted 12 hours and they had a new gift every hour. This meant that people had to come back to the site every hour to see what the next gift was, and keep purchasing through the day to get these gifts.

And they weren't just any gifts.

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You should be running both! Take a look at the replies you get to your emails, questions in support etc. Do you think anything is more compelling to a prospect than another customer telling them how happy they are? Testimonials are extremely effective because they are often relatable, and offer a differing point of view than you as the product owner. Testimonials can also often be leveraged into a full-blown case study about the success of a customer who used your product or service.

Show your prospect the kind of transformation they can have by becoming a customer.

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Try to not overthink this one. Just give a great example or two of happy customers and their successful outcomes. In some cases, if you overdid the content for a piece of training you can simply reposition it. For one of our products, we did a relevant interview with an industry leader.

The content was already there, everyone already got access to it. The only difference was positioning it at the right time for a maximum return.