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With Republic Wireless you can choose from the ultimate in smartphones, the Moto Z, or the ultimate in feature phones, the Moto G. These popular Android cell phones come with cameras and lots of storage. They come in classic standard colors. When you choose a plan with Republic Wireless, you can rest easy knowing that if you need to change your plan for any reason, you can change plans up to two times per month! To help you decide which plan is right for you, you can read testimonials about the benefits of each plan from actual Republic Wireless customers who use them.

And then if you decide maybe it wasn't quite the right plan for you, you can change to one of the other plans -- up to two times per month -- how convenient is that!

After you've finished shopping for your phone, don't forget that Republic Wireless has accessories for your new phone too, from cool colored shells and cases, to car chargers, rapid chargers, headsets, ear buds, speakers, and more. You'll find all the accessories you need at Republic Wireless. Republic Wireless is not your average cellular phone company.

They made the smartphone even smarter by designing it to work natively on WiFi, then teamed up with a nationwide carrier for backup coverage to provide customers with the phones and plans they'd been asking for. Add in the ability of being able to change your cell phone plan up to twice a month, and you've got an unbeatable wireless phone company in Republic Wireless.

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Make your Republic Wireless purchase even better when you save money with a Valpak promotion code. Valpak is at the heart of communities across North America, helping people save, businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive through a network of local franchisees in the U.

Search Enter a valid city and state or postal code. Enter a valid city and state or postal code. Choose your plan When you choose a plan with Republic Wireless, you can rest easy knowing that if you need to change your plan for any reason, you can change plans up to two times per month! Choose accessories for your cell phone After you've finished shopping for your phone, don't forget that Republic Wireless has accessories for your new phone too, from cool colored shells and cases, to car chargers, rapid chargers, headsets, ear buds, speakers, and more.

Republic Wireless -- change plans up to twice per month Republic Wireless is not your average cellular phone company. Then our once reliable cell service at our house abruptly stopped working. After switching to T-Mobile, we once again had cell service at our home, but T-Mobile made us sign a new 2 year contract.

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We were reasonably happy with T-Mobile though I thought it was pretty expensive for what we were actually getting until two years ago, when our RAZRs stopped working reliably at our house. Again, it took my own sleuthing to learn the actual problem What problem? I felt we were paying way too much for what we were getting, but I did what so many of us do I just kept griping about it but doing nothing We kept saying no, understanding that she really wanted one, but to our mind, didn't really need one.

I don't know how many times I heard the phrase "but all my friends have a phone. Then last summer, when she was due to start 7th grade junior high in the fall, we decided it was time for her to have phone. I wasn't crazy about buying an expensive phone from T-Mobile and committing to a new two year contact, plus a higher monthly bill.

So I started looking for low-cost cell phones and cell phone plans, and discovered Republic Wireless.

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Instead, Republic provides amazing value and relies mainly on word-of-mouth advertising from happy customers like me, a policy that seems to be working well as they are growing by leaps and bounds. Although Republic Wireless is relatively new, it is a subsidiary of Bandwidth, a company that has been around since The main idea behind Republic Wireless is to make smart phones and smart phone cell service more affordable. Traditional cell phones only work on cellular service. But many of us now have wifi at home, at work, and many places we are during the day.

Republic Wireless phones work primarily on wifi, which is free, and is faster than cellular for data, and use cellular service as a backup when wifi isn't available. Yet as a customer, you don't have to worry. When you dial a number, if wifi is available, the phone call goes over wifi, otherwise it goes over cellular. More importantly, if you're talking on wifi and you leave the wifi area, the call hands over to cellular, so you don't lose the call, and similarly, if you go from cellular to wifi, the call switches back over without dropping.

Republic Wireless recently developed and introduced a new technology they call "Bonded Calling" that combines and uses both the wifi and cellular signal when both are available for even better call quality. When you sign up, Republic Wireless checks the cellular coverage for your zip code and determines which carrier service will provide better service for your area.

All of the plans also include unlimited free data over wifi. If you want or need cellular data, you can chose one of the plans with additional cellular data. Our family has has three Republic Wireless Moto G smartphones with the unlimited talk, text, and wifi data, which is the plan I recommend. Remember that all the data you use over wifi is free and unlimited.

Republic Wireless offers a variety of Android smart phones. I'm a huge Moto fan based on our own experience with Moto phones. We had three original Moto G 1st generation phones that have served us well for four years. As you can tell, we are a "Moto family". I think it is easiest to just buy a phone from Republic Wireless, but it you already have a phone that qualifies for their byop program or if you find a better deal on one of the byop-approved phones, it is easy to bring your own phone to Republic. After you receive the sim card kit, install the sim and the Republic Wireless app on your phone, and then sign up for the service plan you want. Coupon 💵 republicwireless Coupons & Promo Codes

Will your phone work on Republic Wireless? Republic Wireless phones will activate and work on one network or the other, but not both. When you start your order, you will be asked to enter your zip code in the Republic Wireless Coverage Checker.

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The new coverage checker is actually pretty cool. Based on the zip code you enter, the Republic Wireless coverage checker uses a proprietary program to analyze other existing Republic Wireless phones in that area and checks for call quality data, call completion or failure rates, customer issues or complaints, and several other factors including the theoretical carrier coverage maps, and the program then determines which coverage Sprint or TMobile will work better for you.

The phone you purchase will have that service. Because there are now two carriers available, Republic Wireless is using their existing customer database to determine which coverage will be better for you in your zip code, since they want to make sure you have the best coverage possible they want happy customers, not disappointed customers. Of equal importance, if the coverage checker determines that neither service will provide acceptable coverage for your area, they will warn you about the coverage and will recommend that you not buy a Republic Wireless phone.

How many other carriers would discourage you from joining their service? Republic Wireless wants happy customers, and if they don't think think you will be happy with your coverage, they'll let you know in advance! Republic Wireless also has a 14 day money back guarantee.

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After you receive and activate your phone, you have two weeks to make sure the phone and coverage work well for you, otherwise you can return the phone for a full refund. We've been using Sprint coverage here in Santa Barbara, California, for several years, and it's always been just fine.

The T-Mobile coverage around here is good too from what I'm told. When you order from Republic Wireless, they will use their new coverage checker program to determine the best provider for your area. Also keep in mind that Republic Wireless phones work on wifi, so when you are on wifi, you will have great service regardless.

C heck your local Republic Wireless cellular service coverage: click here for the new Republic Wireless coverage checker. It certainly is a great way to start if you want to try out Republic Wireless service. The monthly savings add up. There is NO contract. Again, with Republic Wireless there is no contract. You will need one of the Android smartphones which supports their service, which you can either buy from Republic or you can "bring your own" and just purchase the Republic SIM card.

You can try the phone and service for 14 days, and cancel at any time for a full refund minus shipping.