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The resident Labradoodle, Miller got his name because Mom won and got to name the baby! Need something chewed up? He'll take care of it. From what I can tell, the new databar was instituted to eliminate the ability of some people to abuse coupon codes and use them for something they weren't intended. Many stores' coupon scanners won't scan the new code, though. Walmart is the retail chain most often mentioned, though that's probably because Walmart sells the most stuff.

They also have a policy stating they won't accept coupons that won't scan.


I've even read one horror story where a Walmart manager accused a woman who was using a new databar coupon that she was using fake coupons. If you're concerned the same might happen to you, I suggest you keep a link to Barcode Graphics on your cellphone or smartphone and show this to any irate store managers. Customers using these codes are helping to keep stores from being defrauded.

I've suggested this on several articles, but I want to reiterate for those who only want to read about Snapple coupons. When printing off Snapple coupons, if you can't find the coupons you want, make sure to look under Dr. Pepper coupons. These days, both Dr. They're a subsidiary of Cadbury called the "Dr.

How To Extreme Coupon at Walmart

Pepper Snapple Group". Many Americans might associate Cadbury with the chocolate Easter eggs and dismiss them as a mid-sized candy company. I was in the soft drink industry when Cadbury and Coca-Cola were vying with one another to buy Dr. Pepper and I remarked, "Coke wins that easily. I'm pretty sure that's dead wrong, but the point being, Cadbury is a huge company and it won the bidding over Coke. Of course, Cadbury was bought by an even bigger company, Kraft Foods, in , so you might find Snapple products under even the Kraft Food coupon listings.

Snapple Coupons Printable

Sierra Mist Coupons Sprite Coupons. Go to stores that except the store logo and try it. Can someone email me and explain this? They had it deactivated probably or something like that for about 20 minutes. I was able to get thru just now. It is telling me that the site is password protected and that I need a password to enter for the free Snapple coupon.

I am having trouble at CVS and Target. Additionally when I try to get this coupon it is asking for a password saying this is a password protected site????? This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: thats what i get when i click on the link.

I was able to get larger 64 oz on sale at Walmart for 1. The coupon will be available while supplies last. The snapples are.

FREE Snapple Straight Up Tea Bottles at Walmart!

But usually are on sale or for 1. I just bought 2 snappels at my local food lion. Used two coupons. I had no problem at Kroger. Is this BOGO coupon?? Im so confuse. No beeps no problems. Just redeemed at Walmart for iced tea lemonade. Thanks Collin. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! What are ya waiting for?!

Getting Toasty! Thank you for subscribing! You are on your way to sweet savings! Hiplist Print 85 Comments. Did You See These? Print Now. Reply 3. Doreen June 10, at am MST. Same here. I was wonder if people are reading it wrong or I got a different coupon. Danielle June 10, at am MST. Kim June 10, at am MST. Jennifer June 10, at am MST. Thank you Colin!!!!! I am also very excited to see a new video!

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