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Hi Paulette, Some of the mirrorless cameras come with electronic viewfinders but some just have the touch screens like a smartphone. If you have a budget, we are happy to provide recommendations. Best, Jessica. Hi Trevor, Glad you found our mirrorless camera post helpful, just let us know if you have any questions!

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Glad you enjoyed our article and are happy with your new Canon, we think its a really good-value full-frame mirrorless camera! Thank you very very much again for so early reply. I love canon 80D very much with mm lens as it remains steady during shutter release , I tried Nikon d with lens from my friend but photos were not sharp due to vibration, shutter shock or else, so did not buy , but canon combination Ifelt heavier gradually. This March , before going to Japan I bought one 24mm f2.

My friend will sale his 85mm f1. It is designed more the micro movements that everyone has when holding their camera at slower shutter speeds. I think a tripod is more likely to be a better solution to be honest if the shaking is more pronounced. You can use a remote and put it on a timer so that hand shaking would not affect the camera at all. For street photography I would personally prefer the 35mm as it will get more in the frame, and I think it will give you more flexibility.

If your friend sells the 85mm then that would be great for portraits. So 50mm would be better if you only get one lens. I would also say that reviews are often very detailed and find flaws that most normal people would never even notice. They are both great cameras, I would go for the one that has the most useful features for you and not worry too much about what the reviews have to say about the smaller details????

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Thanks a lot for your confident answer and guidance. Now I am in a position to decide. Firstly thank you very much for the excellent article covering almost everything for a new or an established photographer. I have a canon 80D camera with 18 mm lens but to remain light at my age near 70 I recently use canon 24mm f2. To shift to full frame I have chosen Nikon Z6 and Sony a7iii , but confused which to take. I like street , portrait and travel photography for my satisfaction and some family general photography. Will you please help me providing the suggestion for the camera as well as a light weight preferably fast prime lens for maximum use and a light weight small zoom lens to carry along with.

Thanking you Ashim Maitra. So both of these are good cameras. In terms of performance, they are both great cameras. In terms of lenses, both Nikon and Sony have a great selection. As the Nikon system also works with existing Nikon lenses with the adaptor, there is probably a wider choice of lenses on Nikon.

I would also add that the move from the 80D to the A7iii or Nikon Z6 will not really make much difference in weight to be honest — they are just a few grams lighter. Of course, you get the benefits of full frame in the same equipment. In terms of a prime lens, a 24mm on a crop sensor would be around a 35mm on a full frame sensor. I would advise that if you like that focal length to stick to it. What a great article!

I had no idea what the difference was between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera, and not only do I now know that, I also feel ready to make an informed decision on which camera to buy the Olympus Mark III. Thanks so much for this great, fast, and easy to read post that has helped me so much.

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Hi Alex, Thanks so much for your kind comments. So happy that you were able to learn more about cameras and find the right one for you!

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Wishing you the best of luck with your new camera. Once you get your new camera, we have loads of photography related posts over on Finding the Universe that may be helpful as you learn to use your new camera and learn new techniques. Do let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for this. Especially the MirrorLess part.

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And you are awesome for answering all the inquiries here. Could I also ask for your input. May I ask your input regarding these to cameras?

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  • So both these cameras are really good options. From a performance point of view, they are very similar. The Sony A has a bit of the edge when it comes to autofocus, whereas the Fuji does better video. Both have a good choice of lenses, although the Fuji options might be slightly less expensive. I have a Sony a Kit, I understand that this is not your level, but I am not a photographer.

    I want to change my camera for something more perfect. I have no desire to spend money on expensive lenses, but I would also like to have the choice of not expensive but normal quality lenses. Maybe something else tell me.

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    Thank you for the article. The three cameras you have listed are both good options. Thank you, you do a very good job. Or buy SpeedBooster and this lens for my Sony a and it will be same? I do just photos right now. Thank you again. Thanks for your comment. Generally we find the best results using the lenses that are specifically designed for the cameras in question, but of course, if you find a product that works for you and has positive reviews, the best thing to do is try it and see!

    However they are all good options. Ive got 2 bundle options available. It will save you from carrying 2 lenses and the covers sufficient focal length for the types of photos you are most likely going to be taking on your trip. If in the future, you want to do more wildlife photography for example you might consider a longer zoom, but I would start with 1 and save the money now to put towards future investments once you know more of what you might want later e.

    Hope that helps, and feel free to ask any other questions that might come up. Wishing you a great trip to the West Coast. One thing to watch out for since this article is about travel. I have the Panasonic Lumix camera in the picture in this article. It just died after about an hour of use. I emailed the store where I bought the camera they said it was most likely humidity and that no camera is made to handle humidity. The camera is still not working after days in a nice air conditioned hotel room.

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    I am fortunate to have an iphone6 it does not take good pictures but it continues to work here in Thailand. How about a little effort, maybe some conformal coating? So I am here in Beautiful Thailand with only a cell phone to take pictures. We are very sorry to hear about your camera issues in Thailand!

    Our Canon cameras in particular have survived days of torrential downpours, even to the point of water appearing behind the screen! So certainly I think it is something that manufacturers think about. I think you might have been unlucky, or the issue was not as simple as humidity — I would definitely get a second opinion, or get in touch directly with Panasonic for a definitive idea of what went wrong. If the camera is relatively new, it is likely covered under warranty as well. Glad you have the iPhone as a backup and we hope you were still able to capture some great memories from your trip.